My name is Eric,
I spend my days as a
  • Product Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • Motion Designer
  • Musician

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Google Typography: A Plugin for WordPress

In the recent past, I've made attempts to build an integrated font manager into a few of my WordPress themes. I eventually came up with a bit of clever functionality to define customizable font areas within a theme (page titles, body text, etc...) and allow the user to customize the font family, size, and other attributes.

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Designer + Developer + Musician

My name is Eric. I currently reside in San Francisco, CA and spend my days as a Web Designer, Developer, and Musician. I was previously the Designer / Developer at Science Exchange and currently the co-founder of TriLab Media, LLC.

In my now 10+ years as a web designer/developer, I've built hundreds of websites, administered servers, published open-source plugins, and built four enterprise-scale web applications and an iPhone app.

You can find traces of me around the intarwebs under my nom de plume: "two2twelve". In my down time away from day-to-day work, I'm an active theme developer and enjoy playing various musical instruments.

I'm currently available for consulting work in the areas of Design, Motion Graphics and Front-end Development. I'm always seeking creatively challenging and interesting work to become involved with -- so if you'd like to collaborate, give me a shout.

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