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Virtual vendor for chefs and food distributors

Product Design
Frontend Engineering
Backend Engineering

About The Project

HarvestLink addresses the inefficient and fractured phone/fax ordering process of the food industry by streamlining the ordering connection between chefs and their vendors; saving them precious time and money.

HarvestLink HarvestLink

My Contributions

I was involved in the entire product development cycle from ideation to high-fidelity MVP and full stack engineering. I began the UX research process with an ethnographic study of chefs in high-pressure, time-poor restaurants in San Francisco.

I then mapped their mental model to the overall information architecture that would be needed to program the database for the API. I proceeded to create wireframes, design and test prototypes with chefs and vendors in their domain and finally create the MVP to achieve the optimal experience for both user-sides of the SaaS platform.

HarvestLink HarvestLink HarvestLink

Project Challenges

  • One Chef. Multiple Vendors cause chefs to lose time and money - chefs spend too much time on phone/fax ordering, reordering and tracking restaurant costs.
  • One vendor. Multiple Customers - cause vendors to incur losses everyday from customer returns and ordering errors because of fragmented, outdated phone/fax infrastructure.
  • High-pressure, time-poor restaurant environment.


  • Created programmable automated features for tasks chefs do the most (pre- ordering, re-ordering etc).
  • Real-time cash flow analysis for vendors with clear to understand graphs and data points.
  • Consolidated monthly invoices with COD payments intuitive UI elements and one-click solutions, pre-filled forms.

The Solution

A cross-platform 'Virtual Vendor’ sales management system that spans web, mobile and POS systems allowing chefs to submit, modify and track their orders while vendors can manage inventory and consolidate invoices.

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