Water Condition Assessment Using Machine Learning

Product Design
Frontend Engineering

About The Project

Fracta is a cutting edge asset management solution that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to assess the condition and risk of drinking water distribution mains and determine the most efficient, resource saving plan to address their issues.

Fracta Fracta Fracta

Project Challenges

  • Working with certain legacy design elements that cannot be changed.
  • Collect, process and aggregate an immense collection of complex data
  • Map the information architecture of a vast web of interdependencies
  • Determine user constraints, control and most beneficial outputs


  • Created scalable color systems to code, label and categorize the vast permutations of pipeline assets
  • Created a design system that encompasses both the overall Fracta brand while also respecting the individual integrity of the 5 main applications modules
  • Made it very clear to the user through error prevention heuristics, recognition and recall and a 'what you see is what you need’ approach to the interactive map elements, project creation and reporting screens

High Level Goals

Make it possible to see all of the elements and emergent properties of a city’s water main infrastructure through unrealized problems and unrecognized potential of preemptive measures.

The Solution

A complex platform made up of 5 interconnected applications that begins with initial data and moves the utility company through the process of risk assessment reports, mapping and financial impact to create the most efficacious action plans.

Joining this technology pushing, early stage startup, I inherited the design of an existing platform and was tasked with leading the entire product design process and redesign of the platform to help the company scale and grow their ambitious offerings.

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