My name is Eric.
I spend my days as a
  • Product Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • Motion Designer
  • Musician

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Managing your client design project: 5 workflows to live by

So you’ve just scored that client contract you’ve been negotiating for weeks and you’re finally ready to jump into the "real" work, right? Sounds great! But before we surface from the seemingly endless contract negotiations and project scope revisions and into a happy place of our design app of choice (mine happens to be Sketch), let’s consider a few workflow tactics that can keep us designing more and managing less.

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Designer + Engineer + Musician

My name is Eric. I currently reside in San Francisco and spend my days as a Web Designer, Engineer, and Musician. I was previously the Designer / Developer at Science Exchange and currently the Lead Mobile Applications Developer at Matrix Medical Network.

In my now 12+ years as a designer / software engineer, I've built hundreds of websites, administered servers, published open-source plugins, built enterprise-scale web and mobile applications and recently gave a talk.

You can find traces of me around the intarwebs under my nom de plume: "two2twelve". In my down time away from day-to-day work, I'm an active theme developer and enjoy playing various musical instruments.

I'm currently available for consulting work and speaking engagements. I'm always seeking creatively challenging and interesting work to become involved with -- so if you'd like to collaborate, give me a shout.

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